HAROX TECHNOLOGIES is a company which has been specialized in biomedical engineering for more than 10 years. HAROX TECHNOLOGIES was found in order to promote development and continuous education in the field of novel biomedical-engineering technologies.

We are a manufacturer of exclusive high-quality health and beauty care products for professional and home use. Our main products are used for electro therapy, magneto therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, photon therapy and beauty-care therapy.

Our primary purpose is to produce, sell and distribute exclusive high quality health and beauty care products. HAROX TECHNOLOGIES products are unique and they are exclusevely tailor made.

We expect that our products will satisfy all customers expectations, and that more and more customers can benefit from HAROX TECHNOLOGIES health and beauty care products. Our future plans include continuation of the development of new products, and we are constantly seeking to expand into new markets.

We are so confident in high-quality of health and beauty care products that we are offering a 40 months warranty period.


Welcome to a HAROX TECHNOLOGIES world - world of health & beauty.